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Vessel material: Mineralsolid
Mineralsolid is a composite material made up of natural mineral fillers and resin. It is covered by a technical coating with a mat appearance. This coating has optimal characteristics of resistance with complete restorability of the surface.


Product numberALM07334
Total Height4 3/16 in*
FinishMatte White
Width25 1/4 in*
Area of ActivityVanity
Installation TypeSurface Mounting
Depth (Front to Back)14 1/2 in*
With OverflowNo


Italian design and European manufacturing.

Meets or exceeds the following standard:
– CSA B45.1-2008/ASME A112.19.2

Warranty: see details in technical documents.


Daily Maintenance:
Looking after Mineralsolid is quick and easy.
Simply clean the surface with a soapy water or any common detergent in order to remove most of the stains and dirt that may be deposited. Gel or abrasive detergents in particular are recommended, together with an abrasive sponge such as a Scotch Brite® sponge, making sure to properly rinse the area treated. The original mat finish, the distinguishing mark of Mineralsolid, will thus be maintained.

Removing Stubborn Stains, Scratches, and Burns:
Mineralsolid can be repaired of surface damage such as scratches, cigarette burns, and stubborn stains, restoring the surface to its original splendor, by following these simple instructions:
– For minor damage, the surface can be repaired using an abrasive Scotch Brite® sponge (3m registered trademark) and any common abrasive detergent.
– If the defect is still visible, repeat the process using very fine-grain sanding paper.


Scotch Brite® sponge
Installation instructions
Product description and maintenance sheet


How to prevent damage:
The surface has a good resistance to stains in general; nonetheless, the use of harsh chemical products such as acetone, trichloroethylene, or strong acids or bases is not recommended. Some substances such as ink, cosmetics, and dyes may, under extended contact with Mineralsolid, release coloring onto its surface. The same applies for lit cigarettes. All of these can easily be removed by following the suggestions below.