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Bathroom sink # ALB102


Product code: #alb102


Our selection of vessels will bring a harmonious look to your bathroom. Their simple and elegant shapes blend perfectly with modern decor.


  • Product number : ALB102

  • Solutions : Washbasin

  • Total Height : 5 1/8 in

  • Material : Bamboo

  • Finish : Bamboo

  • Width : 16 1/8 in

  • Area of Activity : Vanity

  • Installation Type : Surface Mounting

  • Depth (Front to Back) : 16 1/8 in

  • Visible Height : 5 1/8 in

  • Sink Type : Simple

  • With Overflow : No


Bamboo is an eco-friendly choice due to its rapid growth and strong root system that produces without the need for replanting. Growing up to a foot per day it matures in 3 to 7 years. Bamboo is actually a type of grass that grows to the strength of a tree. Treated bamboo provides a durable, light weight wood material that is used for home construction and furniture. Your bamboo sink can serve you for a lifetime when properly maintained.


Care and maintenance:

Cleaning is simple. Just wipe with a soft damp cloth when needed. A liquid anti-bacterial soap can be used when needed. Wood cleaner and polish can also be used to maintain the lustre.

Your bamboo sink has been sealed with a wood sealant. We recommend you re-seal your sink twice per year to maintain the beautiful finish.

General Care and Cleaning:
Mild soap and water is the best way to clean bamboo sink. A mixture of one ounce of white vinegar to one quart of water is another suggested method of daily cleaning.

Harsh Chemical:
Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products frequently as the chemicals will soften the finish. Nail polish remover, bleach, ammonia and other harsh chemicals will cause heavy damage to bamboo, so avoid using these products around the sink.


Do not use harsh cleaners or bleach on your bamboo sink. They may damage the finish.

Tips and warnings:
Be sure to install drain completely flush with bottom of sink so there is no standing water after use. Do not place hot item directly on surface.

Bamboo sinks are made from stalks native to different farms. The bamboo used to construct our sinks may vary in color and no two sinks will look exactly alike.

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