Synchronized SE Cargo Center for Bottom Cabinet
Full-extension slides allow you full access to your bins while the lid remains secured inside. Once the recycling center is closed, the lid covers the bins, preventing odors from spreading. Installation width required: 16 1/4 to 16 1/2'' Installation height...
Pull-Out Double Recycling Center for Base Cabinet
Two-bin plastic recycling center for bottom kitchen cabinet. The frame and tray support are made of sturdy metal wires. Width: 14' 3/8  Height: 19' 1/4 Depth: 22'' Total capacity: 45 L For box: B18
$307.95 $286.10
Bottom mount trash can and recycling center
Bottom mount slides for stabilityFull extension slides suitable for framed cabinetsIntegrated handle for easy handlingRedesigned bins with stylized groove ensure correct positioning against the rail system Lid included Installation Width Required: 9" Required installation height: 17 13/16in Required Installation Depth: 20...
$304.59 $199.00
15L metal trash can
15L metal trash can
Large capacity for a small footprint. Container made of metal for long life. The lid opens at the same time as the door. Once the door is opened, the lid remains in the cabinet to allow full access to the...
Tandem antibacterial pull-out trash can
Integrated anti-bacterial waste separation system with two 15 L (15.85 qt) bins for installation in kitchen cabinets equipped with hinges. Required installation width: 260mm – 10in Required installation height: 420mm – 16in Required installation depth: 504mm – 19in Container capacity:...
Compost bin with lid 4.2L to hang on kitchen cabinet door
Compost bin and lid 4.2 liters Essensa Color: Silver Gray VERSATILE & PRACTICAL BIN Small bin that helps dispose of organic waste when preparing meals. It is equipped with a hook allowing it to be hung on top of the...
Maxi Garbage Bin 32L for kitchen
Ideal for a cabinet under the sink.Contour to be clipped onto the tray to securely hold the plastic bag in place.Reversible (right or left), easily installed from an available interior width of 415 mm (16 3/8"). Width required for installation:...
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