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Kwizine in stock offers a wide selection of pre-assembled cabinet modules in standard dimensions. Whether it's for the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, garage, playroom, etc. we have a ton of styles available. 
You just have to make your choice of modules, doors and accessories on our website or in store and place your order! Choose delivery or pick it up and you will be ready to begin installing your modules.

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What sets us apart from big box stores? we are our own manufacturer!

Competitive advantages of Kwizine:

Finally, a 100% pre-assembled kitchen. Our pre-assembled modules install easily and in no time. Say goodbye to specialists, order errors and complicated plans! Gone are the hours of waiting in line at big box stores, the time you are taken care of and a clerk enters your data into the system. We've thought of everything ... and above all to save you time and money!

The best quality in inexpensive kitchens. At Kwizine, low price does not mean low end. We do business with the best manufacturers to give you more than what you can get in supermarkets. We compete fiercely with competition.

Peace of mind ... guaranteed! Well thought-out kitchens made to last. This is the promise we keep with a 5 year warranty on all our products.

Do you want a complete design and installation service?

Visit our sister company Kwizine! Visit our website to find out more and make an appointment now!

At Kwizine, our goal is to guide you through all the stages of your project, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Our comprehensive design service includes a host of options to enhance your interior, ranging from floor plans, material choices to choice of accessories. Thanks to our advisers, you are assured of making the right decisions throughout your renovation project.

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André Genest & Michel Décarie Founders of Kwizine and Kwizine en Stock


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