Countertops - Kwizine en stock

Kwizine in stock offers the possibility to customers, having bought their kitchen with us, to get their kitchen counter through us.   

 We do business with suppliers who meet configuration and performance requirements. 

We offer custom-made counters, uniquely designed for you.                                

Laminate counters

Versatile, practical and affordable, laminate countertops are easy to clean. Laminate countertops have limited durability and can be scratched or damaged by sharp or heavy objects. They offer lower heat resistance than other types of countertops.

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Quartz Countertops

Quartz allows you to create sturdy and resistant kitchen counters. There are more surfaces with very fine grains or offering greater uniformity, which will give your kitchen an elegant and sumptuous look. They are also very practical, very resistant to scratches and easy to clean.

Granite countertops

Granite is a completely natural stone. Its color is therefore limited because it will depend only on the rocks in which the granite was discovered. Granite is a stone resulting from magma and therefore it is very resistant to heat. These counters are also very resistant to scratches and corrosion. 

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