Savings on your cabinets in addition to obtaining a choice of services? Yes it's possible!

Plan design service with a specialist

At kwizine en stock, saving on your renovation project does not mean being left to yourself in carrying it out.

Do not hesitate to opt for our plan design service with a specialist. Everything is offered to you at a cost of $99 and can be purchased online. An appointment must also be made at the time of purchase.

Financing available with PayBright

Cuisine en polymère blanc lustré Kwizine en stock


Shop online now for the items you need and pay in 4 interest-free installments.

Delivery or pick-up service

Kwizine cabinets in stock are preassembled therefore, they do not require assembly.

We serve 9 delivery zones which vary in cost based on the distance of the delivery address from our starting point which is at the Kwizine in-stock distribution center located at:
1145 Ave. Laplace, Laval, QC H7C 2N6
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