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Cost estimate for a 10ft x 10ft kitchen

Explore our cost estimate page for your 10ft x 10ft kitchen at Kwizine in Stock!

Check out our price examples for kitchens in different colors, materials and styles, from melamine to polymer. Our diverse range of options allows you to customize your kitchen to your preferences and budget. Explore our pricing examples below, with estimated costs ranging from $4,000 to $7,000 plus tax, to help you plan your renovation project. Whether you're looking for information on kitchen remodeling prices, kitchen remodeling costs, or kitchen remodeling costs per square foot, we've got you covered. At Kwizine en Stock, we are here to make your kitchen dream come true, at an affordable price.

Kitchen in stock polymer shaker black and mistral
Kwizine kitchen in stock white shaker velvet decoration

Budget price, includes modules, panels and moldings displayed. See details of items included below.

Budget for 10x10 linear feet kitchen cabinets

These examples are for budgetary purposes only, here is what the budget includes for each of the finishes;

  1. TFP2490 fridge panel

  2. Base 1 door B15 FH

  3. Bottom 2 doors B24 FH

  4. Base 4 drawers DB15 4D

  5. Bottom corner 90º LCB3636 FH

  6. Pantry TPT1555 -24

  7. Top 2 doors W2430

  8. Side panel for upper cabinet WFP1330

  9. Top 2 doors W3021

  10. Top 2 doors W2730

  11. High diagonal corner DCW2424 -30

  12. Bottom 3 drawers DDB24 3D

  13. Bottom 2 doors B30 FH

  14. MWB24 1D microwave base

  15. Bottom panel BFP2430

  16. Top 1 door W2130 (2)

  17. Top 1 door W1230

  18. Plinth 4 1/2” X 96” TK96 (2)

  19. Silence 6” X 96” SFB0696 (4)

  20. Handle BP8160128CHBRZ (26)

  21. Spacer (filler) WFIL0330

Please note that for all Kwizine modules in stock, “Blum” brand metal mounting plates and hinges are included.

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