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The person in charge of the Packer/quality control position will have the main task of checking the furniture, packing it and also cleaning the work surfaces of the production line.

Main responsibilities

  • Ensure each item meets compliance standards and is in good condition
  • Check the order form and ensure that the order is complete
  • Assist in the packaging department
  • Pack all furniture and accessories for delivery (pack the underside, finished side and door of each piece of furniture with cardboard)
  • Clean the furniture and accessories of the order
  • Keep your workstation clean
  • Identify each item on the packaging using a label

Skills and Abilities

  • Analytical skills, meticulousness and attention to detail;
  • Sense of organization; able to lift heavy loads (complete cabinet) (40LBS)
  • Sense of observation developed;
  • Be comfortable with the use of precision measuring instruments and tools
  • Good ability to distinguish colors accurately;
  • Minimum computer knowledge (Able to learn production software)
  • Autonomous, flexible and proactive.

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