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Here are some popular questions/answers
Our lower cabinets measure 34 3/4'' in height, so you have to calculate the thickness of the chosen counter in order to calculate the total height. If, for example, you have a molded counter 1 1/4'' thick, your bottom modules will then total 36''. Which is standard.
Yes, we offer this service. See our page for this purpose under the customer service menu.
During your consultation in store, or by phone, we will be happy to help you with your counters. Our materials and prices are subject to change by our suppliers. *When your bottom cabinets are installed, go to the store with your exact measurements. We will then place the order. Note that you must have previously purchased cabinet modules with us in order to benefit from the counter purchase.
We offer the following support services:

1- Planning, measurement and installation guides are available free of charge on our website. Visit them under the TOOLS menu.

2- Make an appointment for a quote request in store. You must have your plan including the pre-selection of your boxes at the time of your meeting.

3- Opt for our design services and detailed plans. Make an appointment for a project design request by one of our representatives. You must have your plan with all the necessary measurements, in order for the design to take place. *Fees apply*

We offer several heights of top units and pantries so that you have the design you want. For the top modules, use 36'' high modules to obtain a wall height of 90''.

We recommend the addition of a silence (moulding) which will be installed at the top of the modules in order to close up to the ceiling.

We offer 2 basic heights for the upper cabinets: 30 or 36”. The height of 30'' will allow you to reach 84''. For the 36'', a height of 90'' will be reached. We recommend the addition of a silence (moulding) which will be installed at the top of the modules in order to close up to the ceiling, if this option allows us. *Several other heights are also available in certain cabinet widths. You could thus combine 2 boxes, in order to reach an even greater height. Shop the options here

Melamine is made of agglomerated wood particles covered with decorative paper soaked in a thermosetting resin. This resin called precisely melamine. The latter is categorized as an entry-level material, but that does not mean a bad option.
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