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How to successfully complete a two-color kitchen


We see them everywhere, two-color kitchens are very trendy at the moment. This trend, which seems to want to continue, can be a good option for your renovations or construction. So here is a guide to follow for this direction.



The goal is to use two complementary colors which are therefore contrasting. If you choose two colors that are too similar, it will not give the desired effect and it could also pass for an attempt to put the same color. So go for it, and choose completely different shades. To help you in your choice, you can always consult the color wheel.


Darker lower cabinet

When the kitchen is smaller, there is an unwritten law of making the room seem more spacious, brighter. To do this, it is therefore necessary that the darkest color is closer to the ground and the paler one takes up space at the top. Otherwise, too much dark would bring a heavy effect and the room would seem smaller.


Colorful island

You don't want to have so much contrast in your kitchen? There is always the option of simply putting the island in another color. This will punch up your room and become the focal point.


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