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Everything you need to know to change your kitchen cabinets

Before starting your renovation project

Does your kitchen need love, and change? It is 25 years old and no longer suits you? Now is the time to get ready to change your kitchen. The budget is therefore the first question that we must ask ourselves, and think about it carefully. All kitchen cabinets can come together well but their costs may differ from place to place. The budget being the decisive factor, saving on your kitchen cabinets is indeed possible with Kwizine in stock. Our pre-assembled modules can be installed by you, or a professional you know, at a lower cost than a custom kitchen. Savings of up to 40% compared to a custom kitchen. Once your budget has been established, it is now time to gather your inspirations, your favorites, your “musts” for your new project.

Visitez nos salles de montre d'armoires de cuisine

Different places where you can get inspiration for your new kitchen

Several places exist to be inspired such as; the kwizine website in stock here, the Pinterest app and website, our showrooms and social media. We also like to collect photos of our clients' achievements in order to publish them for inspiration! Our two stores located in Laval and St-Hubert also have demonstration kitchens in their showroom as well as all our door and finish models. A kitchen remodeling project involves a lot of planning and we understand that although our cabinets are 100% available for purchase online, sometimes people want to see and touch the product. Our showrooms are open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For holidays, please refer to our website to properly plan your trip.

Think carefully about your kitchen design

One of the biggest goals apart from saving on your kitchen cabinets will be planning and ergonomics. Our website contains a lot of information to help you properly configure your space and we also offer a plan design service for a minimal cost of only $99! For our customers who want to do everything themselves, good news, we have free design software available at all times on our website! Our planning guide will also be your best friend to get the planning of your new kitchen off to a good start.

Taking your measurements carefully, tracing them on a sheet and making a copy is also suggested to get your project off to a good start. Once your measurement is complete, you have the option of using our free online software and planning your project or working with one of our kwizine specialists in stock by opting for the plan design service. Some rules are strongly recommended on the ergonomic side to have a functional kitchen, you will find them in our free planning guide available on our website.

Order your cabinets from 

Once your design is complete, it is now time to place your order. Everything can be done either in store or online. We offer free pick-up service at our Laval distribution center or opt for our delivery service, which currently serves 9 zones, i.e. approximately a 300 km radius around our distribution center located at 1145 Laplace Avenue in Laval. Rates are available by calling us or by placing an item in your shopping cart via our website and entering your address. For delivery, we offer two types of service, exterior or interior delivery. All you have to do is make sure to prepare your space before receiving your cabinets to avoid damaging them during renovation work. If you place your order through our website, a store associate will call you or contact you via email to inform you of our production deadlines. We also offer the possibility of ordering your stone or laminate countertop from kwizine in stock. It is advisable to install your cabinets and take your final measurements before ordering a laminate countertop, for stone countertops, a specialist from our partner will go on site to take the measurements for its manufacture.

In conclusion, a kitchen cabinet renovation project

We hope this article sheds light on your kitchen renovation project and we look forward to working with you to guide you.


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