Base kitchen microwave cabinet 24'' MWB24 1D
This 24" Bottom Kitchen Cabinet with Microwave Opening with 1 Large Bottom Drawer is a great addition to any kitchen to neatly store your small appliance. 5/8″ thick melamine cabinet Visible interior finished in the chosen material to match the...
from $215.00
Kitchen wall cabinet for microwave 24'' MWN2415
This 18" x 55" Kitchen Pantry Cabinet with 2 Doors is a great addition to any kitchen when you want to maximize your cabinet space as it is extra tall. IMPORTANT!  Pantry modules must be installed on a base module....
from $90.00
Kitchen wall microwave cabinet 27'' MWN2715
This niche-type upper kitchen cabinet measures 27" and is ideal for storing your microwave!  NEW! Choice of slides for branded drawers BLUM Metabox or Hettich InnoTech 5/8″ thick white melamine cabinet Back also in 5/8'' for increased durability Frameless construction Pre-assembled, without door interior finished...
from $94.00
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