ALB101 washbasin

$599.00 $509.00

Our selection of washbasins will add a touch of harmony to your bathroom. Their simple and elegant shapes coordinate perfectly with modern decors.


  • Total height: 4 3/4 ''

  • Width: 16 ''

  • Depth (front to back): 16 ''

  • Visible height: 3 3/4 ''

  • Material: bamboo

  • Finish: Bamboo

  • Activity area: Vanity

  • Type of installation: Surface mounted

  • Type of sink: Single

  • With overflow: No


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly choice as it grows quickly - one foot a day to reach maturity between 3 to 7 years - and produces strong roots without having to replant. Bamboo is actually a type of grass whose stem grows to become as strong as a tree. Treated bamboo becomes a light, heavy-duty wood material used in residential construction and furniture. Well maintained, your bamboo sink will serve you a lifetime.


Care and maintenance:

Easy to clean. Simply wipe it off with a soft damp cloth, when necessary.
Antibacterial liquid soap can also be used, along with wood cleaner and wax to maintain its shine.

A wood sealer protects your bamboo sink. We recommend applying a new coat of wood sealer twice a year to maintain its superb finish.

General maintenance and cleaning:
Mild soap and water are ideal for cleaning the sink. A mixture of one ounce of white vinegar in one liter of water is also suggested for daily cleansing.

Strong chemicals:
Do not use ammonia-based cleaners too often, as they weaken the finish and make it more vulnerable. So nail polish remover, bleach, ammonia and other strong chemicals will cause severe damage to bamboo. Avoid using these products around the sink.


To avoid damaging its finish, avoid harsh cleansers or bleach on the bamboo sink.

Tips and Warnings:
Make sure the drain is properly installed, flush with the bottom of the sink to prevent water from stagnating at the bottom after use. Do not place a hot item directly on the surface.

Bamboo sinks are made from stems from different plantations. The bamboo used in the manufacture of our sinks could therefore vary in color, which makes it impossible to manufacture two identical sinks.


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Returns & Exchanges

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